Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Battle report - DE Vs. DA

Boy thats a lot of 'dark' in the grim dark yadda, yadda, buts still the battle report is up and ripe for viewing.


Saturday, 14 September 2013

Space Marine codex review

Hey guys, after a few attempts and re-shoots, the review is now live

check it out after the jump

Thats a lot of marines

Greetings, Hot off the Games workshop page, for just over £7,000, they present to you, the entire Ultramarines Chapter...

link here; The entire Ultramarines Chapter


Friday, 13 September 2013

£35 lighter, boy that's a big book!

Greetings, so today I finally took the plunge and bought the new Codex: Space Marines.

I'll give the full review tomorrow, but for now, the briefest of details.

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So to open, the first time I opened the 'dex, the spine made the most satisfying crack.... just like opening a fresh jar of coffee..... anyways, I digress...

The codex is a hefty book for the price, 179 full colour pages, a nice handy reference sheet at the back, and more fluff than a carnival candy floss stall...

The 'Eavy Metal team have pulled the stops out again with the painted minis section, and Cruddace has put a lot of work into it.

Stay tuned for tomorrow, I'll post the Vlog up with my own rundown.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

The idea that drives the hobby

Greetings again, This evening, I ponder back to my first designed and background orientated army, My 'Death Stalkers' Chapter. From reading posts on Lexicanum about space marine chapters, I decided I'd have a go, after test-bedding a Half split colour scheme, I went with my much lamented scorpion green/chaos black armour.

The outcome was great, in my opinion of course...

However the writing, never being my strong point didn't turn out too bad either

Follow me into the jump

Now of course, this is all poetic licence here, and to be taken with a pinch of salt, its just a bit of sci-fi foolery mixed in with a bit of enthusiasm

Message Received...
... Source – Administratum Adept Lyle Farragut
Data – 'Collation of Adeptus Astartes within Segmentum Pacificus – Chapters XXXV through CXLIX
My Lords, it is my humble duty to bring to you reports on my findings in regards to our Astartes strengths and disposition winthin the Segmentum Pacificus, my more recent findings have focused solely on one particular chapter of late, the Deathstalkers, I have spent a painstaking time speaking to and researching these loyal and honourable Brethren to bring to you the most comprehensive catalogue of battle honours, founding details, current dispositions and operational strengths.
Lyle Farrgut
.............Data Feed begins.... [encryption required].....
.....[encryption ************ Authorised] Welcome Inquisitor.

  • Name - Deathstalkers
  • Founding Chapter - [Unknown]
  • Founding - 16thFounding M36
  • Chapter Master - High-Stalker Simieon Rul
  • Homeworld - Sepius Major
  • Speciality - Recon/Artillery/Mobile Support
  • Battle Cry - 'Loyal in life, Honour in death'
  • Estimated Strength - 880 (operational) 2 depleted companies (estimated)


    Assault of the Chaos bastion on Witherings Reach (archived Pict)
    The beginnings of the Deathstalkers chapter came during the 16th founding in the early to mid M36 prior to the Reign of Blood of Goge Vandire. They were raised to aid in the further conquest into the far reaches of the galactic west in Segmentum Pacificus. At the time of writing it is not known who the Deathstalkers owe their Gene-seed to but at this time it is understood the Highlords of Terra authorized the 'blending' of zygotes from the original Legions who remained Loyal to the Emperor.
    Due to the tumult that surrounded the Reign of Blood, the first recorded encounters of the Deathstalkers was not seen until Late M36 during the Cleansing of Witherings Reach whereby elements of the 2nd, 4th and 8th companies assisted in the retaking of a Chaos infested Feudal world alongside Imperial Guard regiments.
    The Deathstalkers draw their recruits from nearby Feudal world Sepius Secondus and Death-world Lost Haven on both worlds youngsters in their 9th summer compete to gain the favour of the 'Stalkers of the Dead' once the few are selected, they are taken into hidden teleport arrays and beamed off planet to start their new lives.


    The Deathstalkers were granted the Civilised World Sepius Major located within the Sepius system located in the far west of Segmentum Pacificus. Sepius Major is locally governed by Governor Trallyn and it is usually a granted that the current Chapter Master will allow the running of the world to its Governor and only intervenes if matters of local and planetary security are at risk. The Chapter Maintains several Monasteries located in the high plateaus and these monasteries contain all relevant armouries, training grounds and technical support facilities to keep the Chapter alive. The Chapter Apothecarium, however is based in a massive underground structure known locally as 'Raven's Gorge' after the original complex was liberated from dark mechanicus by Corax's Ravenguard during the scouring after the Horus Heresy.
    The System its self is a Binary star system consisting of six planets, Sepius Minor used as a low gravity/hostile environ training ground by the Deathstalkers, Sepius Secondus, a feudal world used to recruit neophytes to the chapter, Sepius Major, Tyrion a gas giant with several high gravity moons, Land's Reach a local forge world and Lost Haven an ice covered Death-world where recruits are also drawn to the chapter.


    The Deathstalkers are bound by the Codex Astartes laid down by Robute Guilliman, and will operate usually within its confines, however it has been noted that the chapter have few suits of Tactical Dreadnought (Terminator) suits and its veterans operate encased in finely wrought suits of power armour. It is also noted that when in an operational engagement all marines will never remove their helmets unless ordered to do so by a commanding officer. It is believed that this stems from distancing them-selves from their human charges and to invoke fear and awe in their enemies. Due to the location to Forge world Land's Reach, the Deathstalkers are afforded with an abundance of ancient and well preserved suits of Mk IV Maximus armour.

    Recruitment and training

    Neophytes brought to the chapter from both Sepius Secondus and Lost Haven are teleported into the Chapter apothecarium in 'Raven's Gorge'. The teleportation process is used to disorientate the neophyte and to test their courage in suddenly appearing in an unknown and possibly hostile environment. Once taken into the care of the chapter's apothecaries, the neophytes are implanted with 19 blessed organs and modifications to develop them in to righteous protectors of mankind. Due to minor corruption several modifications have altered, Phase 5 the Larraman's organ will still clot and produce scar tissue however before it does this an indirect interference from the Phase 17 modification The Betcher's Gland invokes the wound to produce a corrosive acid that will cause no harm to the Marine but will, if directed, cause horrific injuries to any non-astartes, in addition to this irregularity, the Phase 17 modification can also be used by the Marine to produce not just a corrosive acid but a powerful neurotoxin used in occasion to paralyze and incapacitate the marine's foe.
    Initial Training of the neophyte is done in the confines of Sepius Major's equatorial jungles and arctic poles to accustom the recruit to extremes of heat, humidity, chill and cold. The neophyte is required to enter these environments on his own personal 'Hunt of Valour' and is expected to track, hunt and single-handedly slay a notable beast in each of these environments. Once the neophyte returns, beast in hand he is welcomed into the great feast hall and is personally accepted into the chapter by the High-Stalker and is permitted to hang his 'Valour Kill' on the wall of the great halls and take his place among his new Brothers.

    Notable Members

    High-Stalker Simieon Rul – Currently the Chapter Master of the Deathstalkers, High – Stalker Rul is a forboding yet welcoming individual who has led the Chapter for almost 200 years. His scar ravaged face and patrician features invoke images of a life of war and of leadership. Brought to the chapter almost 400 years ago from the Death-world of Lost Haven, he was destined for greatness after his 'Stalk of Valour' brought him back to the chapter halls bearing a great Sepian fanged Crocalisq over his back, a spear fashioned from wood, twine and stone through it's iron hard scales. During his leadership of the chapter, Rul has led the Deathstalkers and the Emperors right to lead mankind to no less than ten star systems across the Segmentum. He personally lead the 'forlorn hope' charge into the Bastion of Hatred contructed by the fell Iron warriors siege-smiths and personally slew the Warsmith as a testement to his skill and courage.

    Grand Librarian Kayne Uvress – Librarian Uvress, a towering man even for an Astartes, he is the psychic leader of the chapter and has a wealth of knowledge pertaining to the enemies of mankind, he personally attended the Conclave of Inquisitor Grunvald on his treasies of Xenos to further his understanding and vowed to rid the Imperium of their exsistence. He at present is engaged in the culling of the Hrud warrens on Ivena 7 with the whole 4th company.

    Venerable Chaplain Victr Berossa – Victr Berossa is the spritual centre of the Deathstalkers, his oratories have been known to send insurectionist states into total dissaray and has led his Brothers in to the jaws of the beast with passion on his lips and fire in his belly. Clad in bone coloured armour with a ebon skull helmet he envokes fear and instills courage in all around him.

    Flag Captain Pyrs Gul – Flag Captain Gul is the Master of the 2nd Fleet and from his flagship Battlebarge, Claw of Scipio has led the fleet to the destruction of Space hulk Indomitable Curse, has wrought the destruction of the Dark Eldar Reaver fleet from the Kabal of the Sundered Vow. Gul Lent his Strength to a massed Astartes Flotilla to repell the Fell hive fleet Makara in M41 leading a boarding party into the hive ship with brothers from the Iron Hands, Red Spectres and Space Wolves Chapters.

    'Iron Claw' Wischen Pur – Pur is the Deathstalkers Master of the forge granted the title Iron Claw, he has extensive aumentic reconstruction across his body, it was Pur who was at the forefront of the under sea campaign on the ocean world of Ustosis, modifying the armour of his brother marines personally and adapting the chapter's pool of Land raiders to operate in the icy depths of Ustosis and storm the oceanic cities and bring the Emperors justice the the recidivist Governor.

    Engagements of Note

    • Cleansing of Witherings Reach (M36) – Elements of the 2nd , 4th and 8th companies assist Imperial Guard regiments return the planet to Imperial rule.
    • Purging of Ultor V (M37) – the entire 1st company led by Stalker-Master Hul aid brothers from the Iron Knights remove a Tzeenchian cult from Ultor V and stem the summoning of a Daemon horde.
    • Waaaaaaaagh! Gobsmasha (late M38) – Assault Marines from the 7th company in concert with tactical and devastator elements from the 5th companies break the Ork Strangle hold on the Quillian System in the Galactic South west
    • The Tech Scism of Gulva Primaris (late M40) Iron Claw Huisen Directs the 3rd Company in the breaching and destruction of tech fortress Gulva Pinnacle, a seemingly unfathomable labyrinth swarming with dark mechanicum and corrupted skittari cohorts.
    • The Lyrtian Incident (early M41) on routine patrol the 1st Fleet helmed by Flag Captain Auril witness a huge Word Bearers Fleet exit the empyrean in the Lyrtian system, Auril orders Battlebarge Steel Barb strike cruisers Scimitar and Blade of Apollyllon to unmask guns and engage. During the battle, several silver Astartes vessels of unknown origin breach the Warp and begin close boarding action. The Word Bearer fleet is destroyed, Grand Master Furror of the Grey Knights sends his thanks to Auril before disappearing into the Warp.
    • Assault on Surpeen IX (mid M41) during the Planet fall on Hive world Surpeen IX to dislodge elements of the Emperors Children, 2nd Company Captain Jels is slain by fell Daemon Prince Vingillis, in a brief moment of victory Vingillis is sent screaming back to the Warp after a young Sergeant called Rul avenges his Captain by decapitating the Daemon Prince and routing the remaining traitors.

    Combat Doctrine

    From minor squad sized engagements to company spanning campaigns, the Deathstalkers adhere to the doctrines of the Codex Astartes, however it has been known that the chapter show a strong disposition to utilize scouts and scout bikers to infiltrate deep into enemy lines, not only to test the mettle of the young initiates but to assist in the collation of enemy strengths and weaknesses. Once suitable planetfall is established, scouts will call reinforcements down from obiting battle barges and strike cruisers.
    Hive action on Surpeen IX (Servo pictfeed M41)
    The Deathstalkers also have a large manufactoium consisting of 14 techmarines and two Iron Claws (ref - Forgefather). it is not unknown for an Iron Claw to be granted dual captaincy of a company as a replacement for an injured or absent company captain.
    Artillery also shows a certain favour within the chapter, with whirlwinds batteries and Thunderfire cannons often supporting an advance. it will also be noted that the chapter armoury has access to one Achilles pattern Land raider - Xeus. This currently serves as Master Rul's personal transport vehicle, when planet fall has been established. it is unknown how long Xeus has served the chapter, but speculation indicates Xeus has been with the chapter since its inception.

    Current Company disposition
    • 1st Company (The Death-Bringers) At least half of the company is on hostile environ Training on Sepius Minor the other half are engaged with [entry omitted]
    • 2nd Company – Engaged against Waaaaaaaagh! Sharptoof in the Dertien Sysytem
    • 3rd Company – Under-strength after the cleansing of Necron Tomb World Cerisa VII
    • 4th Company – Engaged purging the Hrud warrens of Ivena 7
    • 5th Company – Under-strength, Captain Yeln reported MIA after lengthy persecution against Dark Eldar pirates in the Fornal Gulf.
    • 6th Company – has lent numbers to the 5th Company to assist in the Fornal Gulf with elements of the 3rd Fleet
    • 7th / 8th /9th Companies – [understrength] supplimenting Battle companies
    • 10th (Scout) Company – Half of the company on detachments to companies 2-7 other half training on Sepius Minor with the 1st company
    Fleet Disposition

    The Deathstalkers have Three Fleets, usually comprising of a single battle barge and a flotilla of Strike cruisers and frigates. Each fleet is Helmed by a Flag Captain.
    • 1st Fleet – Currently in repair over the moons of Land's Reach after the campaign against the Necron awakening on Cerisa VII. Helmed by Flag Captain Veyn, Battle Barge Steel Barb Strike Cruisers Scimitar and Blade of Apollyllon
    • 2nd Fleet – Currently on long range patrol in the Halo Stars attached to Mechanicum explorator Fleet Kapa-Beta 43 
    • Helmed by Flag Captain Gul, Battle Barge Claw of Scipio, Strike Cruisers Impregnable, Prevailing Honour and Glorious Horizon
    • 3rd Fleet – Currently In Fornal Gulf persecuting Dark Eldar pirates raiding shipping routes, and attacking populace in the system Helmed by Flag Captain Ullien. Battle Barge Talon of Xeren, Strike Cruisers Justifides Majora and Brother Victor

    The Video introduction

    Greetings again, This time around, I'll be bringing to you the first of many Vlogs (video logs to you all) on the blog and the hobby.

    So follow the jump and watch the video

    A new blog, a new start.

    Greetings to you all, I'm blogging again from my little castle, Bringing to you my opinions and views on the hobby I love and commit to from time to time.
    Its been a while in the making, my last blog (which I have shut down, but will add older posts if requested to do so) was a little hit for me, and I enjoyed putting my thoughts on the internet.